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We are facing rising threat to organizations with little effective focus on anticipatory, proactive methods to better understand the threat. This has forced current security methods into a reactive stance that only focus on the attack, not the attacker.


Just as one example, cyber threat is the top threat facing public, private, and government organizations today. The U.S. Department of Energy receives millions of cyber-attacks per day. We have lost many billions of dollars in proprietary and classified information, including plans to new secret fighter planes. Our banks are being attacked daily – successfully. Our IDs are being stolen. Even our home PC’s are attacked. Our national security is vulnerable in ways never before experienced. We are not prepared. We only catch a small fraction of the new 200,000 malware programs and conventional methods attacking our networks daily. Current technology based on signature and anomaly detection identify only a small fraction of attacks directed against our networks daily, hourly, and on a minute-by minute basis. Furthermore, insider threat is an unsolved problem, at best. The malicious insider, or even the insider not aware of being used, can cause serious damage or loss to any organization. From espionage to industrial espionage to succumbing to phishing attacks, inside staff and contractors pose as big a threat as external attackers.


Solution: The reason for current protection ineffectiveness is straightforward. Current day solutions are based on common attack signatures or falsely flagged anomalies. Writing signatures to detect known attacks cannot protect against new attacks, and most anomalous human behavior is simply variation, not malicious intent. We have to be able to identify threat based on variations of threat, as well as new attack forms not yet experienced. In short, we must better understand the adversary if we are going to anticipate actions early enough to prevent damage. In order to meet these demanding challenges, the fusion of the behavioral and computer sciences is required. ANBECO’s unique human behavior-based predictive analytics does fuse the behavior and computer sciences to enhance anticipation of attacks through technology, service, and training. Our company exists to make an organization more secure through effective threat anticipation, identification, and mitigation. We present a paradigm shift in protection methodology.


Transforming Applied Behavior Analysis into Digital Behavior Analysis (DBA), and Automated Behavior Analysis (AuBA), has required advanced computer science methods as well as extensions of Applied Behavior Analysis. As a digital set of methodologies, DBA has been operationalized to anticipate, identify, and mitigate at electronic speeds. Today's world is digital. ANBECO understands the human anticipatory elements of this advanced world and can assist others through training, unique consultation, and application development.

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