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InAlyzer is a proprietary, patent pending assessment system focused specifically on observations within the work setting to identify issues that can anticipate and indicate the potential for insider theft, damage, or reckless disregard for policies that can lead to compromise. It is designed and validated to be used to assess one person at a time and was based on extracted observations of those who have conducted theft or caused damage vs. non-malicious insiders in the past. The assessment form is completed by one who knows the person well and has been in close frequent contact. Form completion does not include interaction with the person to be assessed. InAlyzer has the added advantage that the more it is used by an observer, the more the observer knows how to identify concerns in the work environment.


The fully encrypted assessment process first requests identifying information and brief background on the organization from the user (observer) to provide the context necessary for accurate processing of overall results. Then, the observer is presented with brief screening items to identify any areas of concern. Drill-down items are presented for any screening area of concern to obtain necessary additional detail. Once all requested screening and any drill-down items are completed and submitted, a secure and automated 12 - 15 page detailed risk report noting specific threat is provided within one minute of submitting a completed form to assist in threat mitigation.


Visit for details, including how to request and obtain a no-obligation free trial or annual unlimited assessments license.

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